Konnichiwa! I'm Athira Flowright, I am a dreamer in my own little hidden world.
I ship Klaine, Thilbo, Casket,Thorki, Brianne/Jaime, and so many others. I love reading fanfiction!!! I'm also an anime and manga fan and a lover of japanese culture, Hatsune Miku and Vocaloid.
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okay guys i’ve unfollowed a bunch of blogs here the last few days and i would like to see something new on my blog

so reblog this and i’ll go ahead and follow you. you don’t have to follow back but it would be, you know, nice.

  • klaine! (no mulishipping - especially not blam)
  • crisscolfer (no miarren or chill, thank)
  • destiel
  • supernatural in general actually
  • adorable gay couples
  • lady gaga